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Artisan Market Info And Rules


2023 Operating Schedule Dates: Every Sunday June 11-, September 24th

Time: 10AM to 2PM. 

Where:TRIBE ARTIST COLLECTIVE 6263 S Main St, Tetonia ID 83452


Set up is between 8AM - 9:45AM. You must be completely set up before 10AM. ALL booth spaces will be assigned by management. Take-down: Pack up begins at 2PM, not before. Please take boxes and large trash items home with you. On short notice TEXT Michele at 307-413-4841 if you will not make it to the market. Please TEXT your name as early as possible so the booth layout can be adjusted. Artists may not 'sublet' their booth space. Do not email or call on short notice, we will not get your message.


 Below is information to help ensure a safe, efficient, customer-friendly Tribe Art Market. We look forward to working with you this 2023 season, and expect you to follow these rules and guidelines. Violation may result in application rejection for the next Market season. Thanks so much! 


BRING YOUR OWN DISPLAY Your setup may include a 10x10 tent, weights, tables, portable walls, chair, display furniture and a rug/mat. 

• Booth size is 10' wide x 10' deep. The width represents the front area that is open to the public. There will be space in the front to extend past the exact 10’ depth. 

• The back of the space may be used for merchandise and equipment storage.

• Bring tables and/or mobile walls to display your artwork, and a chair if you want to sit. A floor mat/rug can make standing on grass more comfortable. 

• Electricity is available to artists. 

• Art Market operates rain or shine. Have a pack-up plan for inclement weather. 

• Booth fees submitted upon application acceptance are final and non-refundable. 


PARKING— LEAVE THE CONVENIENT PARKING FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS! After load-out, park at least one block away so your customers have the closest parking spaces. UNLOADING & RELOADING Artists may temporarily park anywhere around the park to unload/reload their artwork and supplies. 


Though volunteers MAY be available to assist you, please expect to bring your own help, and your own cart. Set up: Please unload your vehicle completely, then move it to a parking space at least one block away before setting up your display. It is important that you move your vehicle before setting up, so that other artists can get in to unload. Take down: Pack up your display completely before retrieving your vehicle. Do not line up to load until your booth is packed up. Miscellaneous Important Info

 • Artists may not leave the Art Market early, even if sold out, unless it's an emergency. 

• Smoking by artists, their staff, or market volunteers is NOT permitted anywhere on premise, which is all Art Market grounds. If you must smoke, you MUST stand across the street or sit in your car. This rule includes all cigars, cigarettes, pipes and (vaping) electronic cigarettes. 

•Artists may play music at a medium volume and not compete

ing with other artists playing music. Basically first come first serve

 • Artists may not bring their pets. 

• Restrooms are located inside Tribe Artist Collective Volunteer booth-sitters MAY be available should you need to leave your booth for a few minutes. Minors will need an adult to accompany them to the bathroom inside Union Park Tavern. (Union Park Tavern offers delicious breakfast and lunch specials for every Market day!) 

• Don't forget to bring an adequate "bank" to make change for customers who pay cash. If you are adding sales tax (6% Idaho State) to purchases, you will need coins and a variety of small bills. 

• We recommend looking into accepting credit cards. Being able to accommodate someone’s unexpected big-ticket purchase is important. There are a number of "use as needed" card service companies (like Square, PayPal, etc) that cater to sellers like you doing fairs and markets. 

• It is up to you if you choose to accept personal checks. Most art buyers are honest people, but realistically, there is little recourse to collecting on a bad check, so be warned. • Images of your artwork that were submitted with your application may be used without compensation for advertising purposes. 

• For exponential advertising impact, please use all of your social media accounts to spread the word about Tribe Sunday Art Market. Like and share Tribe Artist Collective posts, especially the markets you will be participating in. We will post for artist recruitment, while also advertising to customers about the Art Market itself. We will feature individual artists as they sign on, and will use the images you submitted with your application. It helps everyone if you post and share something every week within your networks.

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