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Upcoming Exhibition Opportunities 


2023 Exhibition Information

All of these exhibitions are open to any and all artistic interpretation.  All applications submitted correctly will be reviewed and considered. 


January 2023

Theme: “Year in Review”

What did 2022 represent to you? What challenges or triumphs did you experience? How did those experiences shape your perception? What did you find inspiring or what did you find mundane and dull? What do you hope to manifest in this new year? This exhibition will be a reflection or retrospect of the year you just experienced. A collective of each artist's interpretation of their individual experiences.  Artist in all mediums in all styles.


Deadline for Submissions: January 13th, 

Notice of Admittance: January 15th, 

Receiving and Curate: January 18th, 19th

Opening: January 20th  

Pick Up Date: February 13, 14th


February 2023

Theme: “Matters of the heart”


This theme can be interpreted in a multitude of ways including metaphorically, anatomically or whatever your heart desires, pun intended. What matters to your heart? Is the heart your source of love, is it a place you feel? Or is a source of a health issue that vexes you or a loved one in a physical interpretation of matters of the heart? 


Deadline for Submissions: February 10th

Notice of Admittance: February 12th 

Receiving and Curate: February 15th, 16th

Opening: February 17th 

Pick Up Date: March 13, 14th


March 2023

Theme: “where are you from”


Immigration is the theme of this exhibition.  Where are you from and what does that mean to you and your family? Or perhaps that lack of connectivity to where you are from? How did you get here today and why? Who had to fight or die so that you could live today?


Deadline for Submissions: March 10th

Notice of Admittance: March 12th 

Receiving and Curate: March 15th, 16th

Opening: March  17th 

Pick Up Date: April 13, 14th




Email up to 5 images to no later than midnight of the listed deadline date. Please put your name and the Exhibition Title in the subject line.  Submissions will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of acceptance by the notice of admittance date. It is then the artist's responsibility to make sure art is received physically at Tribe 6263 S Main St., Tetonia, ID, 83452, no later than the noted receiving date. Late art will not be exhibited.  Art will remain on display the entire duration of the exhibition dates and for sale at a 60/40 commission rate. Art not for sale will not be displayed.  Art not picked up by the listed pick up date will be charged a $10 per day storage fee.  

Gallery @ TRIBE



Art By                                                                  Michele Walters

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