At Tribe Artist Collective, our mission is to get back to what is real, and to us that means to create, to come together and express our creative sides. We believe in unlocking the creativity within each and every one of us. Tribe Artist Collective provides a platform for artist to reach their market and for consumers to not be just a consumer, but a customer that is inspired by the craftsmanship of the product created by the artist. Tribe Artist Collective here to welcome you into the fold.

Winter Artist Showcase Tetonia

Tribe Artist Collective in Tetonia is hosting a Winter Artist Showcase Series, Holiday Season 2020. All of the events will take place at
TRIBE artist collective located at 6263 S Main St. Tetonia ID, TRIBE Artist Collective is dedicated to the commitment of supporting
the professional artist, particularly during these trying times. We are confident it will not only
inspire you but allow for safe networking amongst fellow artisans!

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