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Growing Inspiration in the Tetons

Updated: May 3

Tribe Artist Collective is getting ready for a season of workshops, demonstrations, and artful events that we hope will help make your summer special. We are ready to spend time outside and in the studio with visiting artists, fans of art, and students who hope to channel their creative fire.

My own creative drive is enhanced by sharing time with other artists and exchanging the "what ifs" that our imaginations hopefully explore. From these connections come original ideas and shared passion.

On May 10th, our mural project starts in Tetonia, Idaho and I couldn't be more excited! I'm bringing in two other Teton artists to share in the process.

Our intent is to bring a composition together that shows off the differences in our art, but speaks to our love for this beautiful region and the history behind our mountain home.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and welcome Aimee Babneau and Benji Pierson! They will be working on the mural with me, and we will be hosting an exhibit on May 20th featuring their work.

For those of you able to drive by our building in Tetonia, you've seen a facelift underway. We want you to stop and take a look. We are so excited to share the changes we have made to the retail shop and to the studio space!

We are excited to connect with you through art and love for the Tetons.

See you soon,


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