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Artful Plans and Collaborative Spirit

We are so happy to be open again at Tribe Artist Collective! Not only is the boutique stocked with the work of local artisans, the gallery and studio are almost done. What does this mean to the larger community? It means there is space to create art in Teton Valley, and there is a method to support art by purchasing original creations made by passionate people.

My mission for Tribe Artist Collective has always been to provide a level of support to those that hope to stay inspired, and to help channel that inspiration into reality through the making of art. I hope you can join us for the workshops and events this summer that will serve that mission.

Open House & Exhibition, 5/20/21

This week, we are celebrating our mural project! This colorful effort comes with the help of two other Teton artists, Aimee Babneau and Benji Pierson. Benji brought along Logan Solmonsen, an artist from Enumclaw, Washington, to lend a hand.

On Thursday May 20th, we are hosting an open house with an exhibit of my work, along with Aimee's and Benji's. Come out to soak in some art and review the progress of the mural. This might be our own unofficial start to summer, and we are excited to get this beautiful season underway!

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Plein Air Workshop 6/12/21

Just around the corner in June, we will be partnering with landscape artist and plein air painter Sue Tyler. Sue is a much beloved member of the Teton artist community, and the workshop we have planned will demonstrate her own artistic skills while she helps to shape yours.

Contact us through email or by phone to book your spot in Sue's workshop, and I hope to see you on Thursday to celebrate Tribe Artist Collective and the spirit of collaboration in art and community.

Stay inspired,


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